April 2021 Ceticilian parliamentary election

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Ceticilian Parliamentary election, April 2021
← March 2021 23–25 January 2021
Turnout65.38% (17/26)
  First party Second party Third party
  DSP logo Red.svg Noimageavailable.png DSP logo Red.svg
Candidate Miguel Ceticiliam Astre X Taylor Mia Torres
Party Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) independent Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia)
Popular vote 12 11 10

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
  DSP logo Red.svg DSP logo Red.svg Ceticilian Ecological Union.svg
Candidate Bee Ceticiliam Nick Goblirsch Vapo Bapo
Party Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) Ceticilian Ecological Union
Popular vote 9 9 6

  Seventh party Eighth party
  Gpoc logo.png Gpoc logo.png
Candidate Jordan Lord Vapo Bapo
Party Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Pablo Zumo
Popular vote 6 3


The Ceticilian Parliamentary election, April 2021 is the fourth total Parliamentary election in Ceticilia and the second regular Parliamentary election. Originally meant to be an election in which only the Speaker and Co-speaker were to be challenged it was briefly abolished and then immediately replaced with a regular Parliamentary election, bringing back the Parliamentary elections in April and October.

Additionally to the current elections for Parliament in January and July, regular parliamentary elections shall take place on the last full weekends of the months of April and October using the same mechanism as those in January and July as described by Ceticilian law.

— Vapo Bapo (DSP), approved by Parliament

Electoral system

The electoral system will be approval voting, with citizens being able to vote any number of candidates, including none at all (empty ballot).


Taylor Mia Torres poll, average performances

Popular Vote

Results and Aftermath

The CEU lost their seats in this election.

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