Apathy Party

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Apathy Party
LeaderJames Reece
FoundedApril 2016
National affiliationFederal Republic of Whestcorea
0 / 9
0 / 9

The Apathy Party of Whestcorea is the largest Apathetic party in the country. It's platform - consisting almost entirely of no opinion, save for on the subject of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump - has largely failed to capture the hearts and minds of the Whestcorean electorate, and its controversial connection to former Whestcorean criminal James Reece has made escalating its power in the legislature somewhat difficult.


The Apathy Party was created to give James Reece, who had recently been naturalized following the annexation of his former nation, AS A, by Whestcorea, a ticket on which to run for Mememaster-General. He found another Whestcorean citizen to endorse him, enabling him to form the party with the minimum number of members as mandated by electoral law.

Mememaster-General tickets

Year Mememaster-General Vice Mememaster-General Votes Percent Result
Whestcorean Mememaster-General Election, April 2016 James Reece No running mate 2 7.1% Campaign suspended