National anthem of Madura

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Himne Madura
Anthem of Madura
Federal State anthem of the Madurese Council Republic
LyricsRegional Workers Council of Madura
ComposerFarit Idrisov
Adopted1 March 2014

The Anthem of Madura, officially known as Himne Dewan Rakyat Madura, is the state anthem of the Madurese Council Republic, one of the federal entity of the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya.


The anthem was adopted by the Regional Workers Council of Madura on 1 March 2014. It was composed by Farit Idrisov, who also composed the Anthem of Bashkortostan, the current national anthem of Bashkortostan, which its melody is used for this anthem. The commitee for regional laws wrote the lyrics.


The lyrics was written collectively by the commitee for regional laws appointed by the Regional Workers Council of Madura. The lyrics are in Indonesian language and Madurese language. The madurese version is often sung as most of the population of Madurese Workers Council speak in Madurese language.

Madurese English translation

Madura, kampong kita sadejeh
Tana se sogi, makmur, so sejahtera
E delem Sunda Raya kita sadejeh
Abereng, ajuang, atretan saabiddeh!

Jaya Repoblik kita!
Repoblikkah Rakyat Madurrreh
Kaade ka gu'aggu kita sadejeh
Yakni sosialisme sadunnyah!

Madura, our native homeland
The rich, affluent, and prosperous land
In Sunda Raya we all
Unite, struggle, and are in brotherhood forever!

Be glorious our republic!
People's Republic of Madura
Onward, to our future
Which is worldwide socialism!