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Partisans of 1 November
أنصار الأول من نوفمبر
Also known asAnsawan
LeaderAgha Ghazi Ali Farrokhzad
Foundation5 November 2022; 6 months and 22 days
Split fromRuh’Allah
MotivesRemove Scynn influence in the St. John’s River Basin.
IdeologyDairaji Nationalism
Anti-Scynn imperialism
Designated as a terrorist group by

Ans’awan, officially known as Partisans of 1 November (Arabic: أنصار الأول من نوفمبر, Ansar al-’Awan min Nufambir, الأنصأون), is a Dairaji militant group founded in late-2022, formed in opposition to Scynn presence in the St. John’s River Basin, and with plans to unify the Dairajistan clans into one federation.

On 6 December 2022, the militia dropped its Islamist rhetoric and supported Farrokhzad’s plan for a “secular democracy” in Dairajistan.

On 7 January 2023, Ansawan issued a military memorandum issuing the removal of the Grand Vizier, all members of the Grand Shura, all members of the Grand Majlis, and all Kaimakams, excluding Agha Ghazi Ali Farrokhzad. Farrokhzad then former the National Security Council, for the purposes of “keep[ing] order in Dairajistan, represent the state in foreign relations, and prevent invasion from northern states.” Farrokhzad leads the council.