Amber Friedley

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Amber Friedley
Dracul Representative from South Dracul
In office
1 May 2021 - 1 July 2021
Predecessor Ashlin Ellis
Successor Position dissolved; House merge with Senate
Dracul Senator from South Dracul
In office
26 March 2019 - 10 July 2020
Predecessor Seat Established
Successor Seat Dissolved
Personal information
Born 10 October 1989 (1989-10-10) (age 34)
Citizenship  United States
 Commonwealth of Dracul
Residence Houston, Texas
Occupation Freelance
Religion Christianity

Amber Friedley was a Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives, the 1st Director of Dracul Parks and Recreation, and a former Senator from South Dracul, in the Parliament of Dracul.

On 26 March 2019, Friedley joined the Commonwealth of Dracul with Founding Mother Kassie Hood and Stephen Luke. The goal was to create a micronation, that excelled in all areas of government, as well as freedom.

Early life

Amber Friedley was born on the 10 October 1989, in Texas City, Texas.

Micronational career

Friedley began her interest in Micronations in 2019, when welcomed into the community by Stephen Luke. Friedley found the idea of a micronation fascinating and quickly applied with the Parliament.

Personal life

Outside of micronationalism, Friedley enjoys hanging out with friends, attending college classes, and working odd jobs.

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