Amada Merþedes

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Amada Merþedes
Prime Minister and Founder of The Democratic Republic of Uclea
PSA-10 Military Soldier. President of the MUE
president of the Micronation Union of England
Personal information

Amada Merþedes is a citizen of Talossa and Uclea, and has authority in all MUE states, and founded his own micronation - the Democratic Republic of Uclea - before it became a state of Lathanie before seceding and joining Scottvia, then becoming independent, a move supported by Merþedes. She chose this name after becoming a Talossan citizen. She is currently the leader of the MUE, and the Uclean representative. She founded Le Libra Dämocraten d'Scottvia in 2019 to bring democracy to Scottvia, and his since expanded the party to all MUE states except Frazzland as of the early 2020 elections.