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Part of The Micronation Union of England

Motto: quod velut ex matre libera (the motherland of the free)
Anthem: Fathers of Rivers

Brothers of Lathinie, Lathinie has woken, Bound Scipio's helmet Upon her head. May the sun above our land Banish darkening clouds around Light and truth all along Guide our steps forever. Let an impure blood Water our furrows! The blood of Lathinie And the Raleighan blood It drank, along with the Cossack, But it burned its heart. In the sunset Thou art nigh And beyond the starry sky, Thou, O loving Father, ever near. Oh our land, Lathinie, land of our birth, Rings out the golden word! O Thou above whose powerful hand Makes States or lays them low, Protect this Lathanian land

From foreign yoke and woe.
File:Woking, United Kingdom. INDONESIA. INDIA
Official languagesEnglish Artestablian
• (as of 2019 census)(34 citizens) census
Time zone(UTC)

Lathanie is a micronation founded on 28/2/2019.

The English term for lathanie (LATHINIE) (la-thi-nai). the LATHANIAN term for LATHANIE (LATHANIE) (LATH-IE-NIE)

the coat of arms of lathinie

Provinces of Lathinie

Lathinie has 2 provinces located in 3 overseas countries Including England, Indonesia and India.

flag of the province country type info
England Capital City the capital of Lathinie is located in the suburbs of woking, sheerwater. It is the birthplace of lathinie. the L.I.B HQ and The LTC building including the Thorium based americium pocket plant is located here. Mungopi is the heart of the CTSFOL and the lathanian military.


quartz rich land and is next to Basingstoke canal. this is great for fishing and Mineral collecting.

Province of Lahtoil
Indonesia farmlands


Lahtoil is its the biggest province in Lathinie with a he area of 9.23 km sq. due to the amount of family owned farms of Krishna Kler all of the properties and Lahtoil are located at East java, batu.

Lahtoi has 2 dairy farms, 1 chicken farm (located ath pujon. no ref found) and one free range farm. Krishna Kler also has 2 family villas, both of them both are LTC buildings.

Lahtoil is rich in crystals and coal and also charcoal.


lathanies economic hotspot is located in 4 little areas inside batu and pujon.. it is rich in chickens and wheat. also bamboo and banana leaves. It is mostly Humid and dry but the lands are fertile.

surrounded by MT. bromo, MT. merapi and MT. semeru

province of Satish
india farmlands


Satish is located in Punjab, jahlandhar Named after the death of the Founders father. it has two family farms of the original kler family. rich in melons. fruit wheat and corn.

Uclean State

Main Article Uclea:

On 20/3/19 Uclea became a state of Lathanie, which can leave at any time, but is the hub of Creative Arts and Software Development in Lathanie. Their official languages are English, Artestablian and German.

It was the second province of Lathanie.

The Partition of Uclea

uclea has recently joined scottvia due to a vote by the D.P.P.L and the MUE to partition UCLEA from Lathinie, this was due to recent investigations from the LIB showing that the HOS of UCLEA had connections to the Scottvian army.

the D.P.P.L had a 78.2% vote for UCLEAN independence.

the SFOPL foiled an attack by the SCOTTVIAN army this resulted with a lot of tension with Scottvia.


Lathanian top 7 work sectors by size and popularity
sector rank
mining, 1
farming 2
building 3
engineering 4
jewel cutting 5
Fishing 6


Lathanie trade center is a company that trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum

LTC was founded in Lahtoil because that province was a huge economic hotspot for Lathinie. it isn't all about Trade. LTC Also has a branch called ASA (Aerothine space agency). it is state funded and also funded by LTC.


ASA has been a big role in Lathinies scientific programmes. suprisingly its not all about space. they developed the lathanian missiles and launched potassium nitrate rockets into the ionosphere and the stratosphere. the height of the Aluminium rocket was 3m tall and had a diameter of 30 cm.

The ASA have started developing and planning on building a thermic reactor and a combustion reactor with the use of coal, radioactivity and oil

Law and order

Helped enforced by The Micronation Union of England. Lathinie has its own published laws.

Helped enforced by The Micronation Union of England. Lathinie has its own published laws.
Police department fleet size on reserve HEAD OF OFFICE
LPD (lathanian federal police) 2 3 Haneif pearce
MPD (Mungopean police department) 4 2 Haneif pearce
L.I.B 13 2 Krishna Kler

Laws and articles were partially enforced by The Micronation Union of England. Lathinie has its own published laws in

Lathanian Articles

Political Parties Of Lathinie

party Mps Leader Current government type of party Info
L.S.P 2 finn dunne NO CL LATHINIES SOCIALIST PARTY it Is a socialist party with the governor E-3 PVC SIR F.Dunne a private of the 1st regiment of Lathanian army. its political views are feudalism and liberalism.

During the elections, The LSP manifesto included taxes being raised by 60% for the millitary

The DPPL embelem

5 Krishna Kler yes Mixed democratic Conservative peoples party of lathanie is a left wing party. It believes that taxes should be equally paid an equal percentage for all citizens (for people who earn). Citizenship should be free and all tax paid money should go to important industries like the LHS (LATHANIAN HEALTH SERVICE), Schools, Military, State funded organisation's (governmental), Construction and Public safety. TAXES ARE 30% of earnings. Recently it had a good economic stability and had a deal worth £2538 in stock shares and funded rocket experiments and development of the country. the party has 5 mp`s and is expanding constantly.
RPL 1 stefa avramov NO R (the republican party of lathinie) the party was founded at the 9th of march. by Stefan avramov. the leader is half Serbian. he is good friends with SIR K. KLER. but his political views are different. His party believes tht taxes are 10% of earnings. school and important luxuries should be paid for. The party has 1 mp.


allied with The Democratic Republic of Uclean forces

the army was formed on 3rd march 2019 (gmt 8:56) 51.337885,-0.518294. <sources from L.I.B (lathinie intelligence brearu)>.


The L.I.B was formed at 29/2/19


The Lathanian Air force is Actually a fleet of drones.

DRONES fleet size crashed
equipped with a camera 24 1
without a camera 16 14
Crashed 15


an image of a lathanian soldier


operations on taking actions illegal activities and protecting the lands are operative

image of a lathainian Q-10 GA GENERAL OFFICER

C.O.P.F.L & C.T.O.S.F.L & U.S.P.L & L.G.S.R

Critical operation force of lathinie



lathanian global strike resistance.

Active Reserve Killed
23 2 0
an image of a Q-4 counter strike (
The flag of the Lathanian military


scottvian war


a dispute was raised against lathinie and scottvia as Noah schollic broke all laws of the MUE and Lathanian laws due to Corruption and Espionage charges.

L.I.B evidence showed that the Scottvian army had a military convention at mungopi, it was also confirmed that Scottvia took excessive money from its own citizens for the so called state funding arrangements.

Lathinie arranged a summit and ordered a sanction of 100000 nano-coins and banned all imports of wheat, apples and banned exports of quartz.

because of the sanction scottvia surrendered at 23/05/19. this also made scottvia leave the MUE with independence and also the removal of the Lathanian flag.


Raleihan war

raleigh declared war on lathanian territory and broke all MUE constitutional laws and lathanian laws. A trial that lasted for 4 days investigating charge's of espionage from Raleigh faced a sanction of 10000 nano-coins. the sanction was ordered by lathinie. due to this at the 9th march 2019 DPRU has disbanded RALEIGH from the MUE (micro nation of England).

Millitary experiments

Lathinie has developed a rocket propelled pipe launcher and successfully made a thorium and americium reactor drawing. the production of thorium refinery has currently been put in production but the production of the reactor has been scrapped as lathinie would be recognized as a terrorist threat by the UK government.

Test missiles

Counter terrorism forces made two 4 stage rocket missiles





All of the rockets are fitted with a potassium nitrate and a sulfur motor engine, The rocket warheads consist of iron oxide, Magnesium and aluminium. All of the rockets were tested in Horsell common and all were successful with the TNLR reaching heights of 2314 ft. the warhead was empty for safety precautions.

The warhead was tested in mungopi and 3/4 warheads managed to melt through the steel due to the thermic reaction of aluminium and iron oxide. Both tests marked a major achievement in Lathanian history.

Upcoming projects

A sugar rocket with a rubidium oxide warhead is currently in development as drawings of the missile was completed on the 9/11/20 . the missile code-name will be called <32URW>. lathinie hopes to test the missile at the 13 of November 2020 in Horsell common. it will hopefully reach heights of 1000 ft.