Air Suzaku

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Air Suzaku
Air Suzaku.jpg
Federation Air
Founded 23 July 2016 (As Greater Kaleido Airlines), 4 August 2016 (As Air Suzaku)
Bases Sora Naegino Intermicronational Airport
Hubs Sora Naegino Intermicronational Airport
Secondary hubs Bataclan City Intermicronational Airport
Clark International Airpot
Member lounge Suzaku Lounge
Fleet size 24
Destinations 42
Slogan On the Wings of the Suzaku
Parent company Government of Greater Kaleido (Majority)
Kaleido Investments Company (Minority)
Headquarters Sora Naegino, Kaleido
Key people Lakan Gat Sandiwa, Director-General
Revenue ~1,000,000,000/annual
Operating income ~250,000,000/annual
Net income ~750,000,000/annual

Air Suzaku, stylized as airSuzaku is the Principal Airline, Low-Cost Airline and Flag Carrier of the Federation of the Greater Kaleido. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights on 42 routes from it's main hub, Sora Naegino Intermicronational Airport, and it's secondary hub, Bataclan City Intermicronational Airport.

The Company is a joint venture of the Government Trust Fund of Greater Kaleido (52%) and the Kaleido Investments Company (48%). It was incorporated on 4 August 2016 and commenced operations on August 7, 2016.


The Airline was founded on June 10, 2016 as the LAT Luna Airlines. It initially served as the flag carrier of the secessionist Federal Republic of Luna. On 23 August 2016, when the FR Luna reintegrated into Greater Kaleido, it became the nation's flag carrier and renamed Greater Kaleido Airlines. The airline was founded as a State-Owned Enterprise of the FR Luna Government, until it became a Private Company when renamed as the Greater Kaleido Airlines.

On August 4, 2016, the airline was re-aquired by the Government and re-branded as a low-cost airline and renamed Air Suzaku.



Air Suzaku Fleet and Registration
Aircraft Registration
Boeing 737-400 (8) GK-001 -002 -003 -004 -005 -006 -007 -008
Boeing 737-500 (3) GK-009 -010
Boeing 737-800 (2) GK-011 -012
Bombardier CRJ-100 (2) GK-013 -014
Bombardier CRJ-200 (4) GK-015 -016 -017 -018
Embraer E-175 (3) GK-019 -020 -021
Embraer E-195 (3) GK-022 -023 -024