Agelonian language

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Agelonska mouka
EthnicityAgelonian (Agelonian ethnic groups)
Latin script (Agelonian alphabet)
Official status
Official language in
 Republic of Agelonia
Regulated byInstitute of Languages of Republic of Agelonia (Agelonian National Academy of Sciences), Commission for Development of Agelonian Language

The Agelonian language (Agelonian: agelonska mouka) is a constructed language created and used as an official language by the Republic of Agelonia. The language is based on the Slavic languages primarily Russian, Belarusian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Polish.



Common alphabet
Letter Common transliteration
Aa a
Bb b
Vv (Ww) v
Gg g
Dd d
Ee ye, e
Ёё yo
Žž zh
Šš z
Ii i
Jj y, i, j
Kk k
Ll l
Mm m
Nn n
Oo o
Pp p
Rr r
Ss s
Tt t
Uu u
Ff f
Hh kh, h
Čč ts
Çç ch
Şş sh
Yy y
Ьь Palatalizes the preceding consonant at the end of a word
Ēē e
Üü yu
Digraphs, special letters and symbols
Letter Common transliteration
Ğğ Intermediate pronunciation between G and H
Dš (Ďď) Means a pronounced and sonorous Š
Řř Intermediate pronunciation between R and Ž
Şç shch, sch
Ja ya
' Palatalizes the preceding consonant
Prevents palatalization of the preceding consonant
◌́ The accent mark is placed for words that differ in pronunciation from the Russian and Belarusian languages, for words with non-intuitive stress and proper names
˜ Means a double vowel or consonant



Like most Slavic languages, Agelonian does not have articles.







Basic word order, both in conversation and written language, is subject–verb–object. However, because grammatical relationships are marked by inflection, considerable latitude in word order is allowed, and all possible permutations can be used.


Common Words and Phrases