Adonian Torch Party

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Adonian Torch Party
General Consul of the PartyAndrew Franson
FoundedJuly 8 2020
HeadquartersLonghorn, Adonia
NewspaperAdonian Press Organization
Political positionCentre-Right to Right
Colors  Yellow
SloganMasses, Stand for your rights!
Election symbol
The Torch and Sword (Adonian-Republicanism).png
Party flag
The Adonian Torch Party Flag.png


The Adonian Torch Party, or commonly known as the ATP, is the head party of the Federation of Adonia. It was founded on July 8 2020.



The Adonian Torch Party (Originally WPPA, or Workers and Peasants Party of Adonia) was founded on July 8, 2020 by Ashton Mattingly and some of his friends, though the original founding date is debated. The party began very small with 4-5 members. The idea of the WPPA was to protect Adonia from Ivan Brienovic's take over of Adonia and to protect it from turning Monarchist. It was also to turn Adonia into a socialist micronation. After Ivan's banishment from Adonia, The party mainly remained dormant. However, On July 18, Andrew Franson created a treaty which would grant the WPPA complete control of Adonia and then Andrew joined the WPPA. The Parties founder left the nation and the party and Titania Smith was made General Secretary. Andrew Franson was then made General Secretary of the Workers Party right afterwards. Adonia was then made a Socialist Micronation.

First Month

The first month of Adonia and the Party was really quiet and inactive. However during this time, the WPPA was renamed to the WPA, or the Workers Party of Adonia. Not much was being done due to the loss of motivation from Andrew Franson. The last few members of the WPA left. However, at the beginning of August 2020, a constitution was created for Adonia, which is considered to be what revived the WPA and Adonia itself. The WPA would then gain its first member since July, which would be Trevor Horobik. The WPA and Adonia would also receive their first Governor of a Commune. The Kalamazoo Commune would be the first commune to hold a seat within the WPA and the first commune in the WPA's and Adonias Existence.

Fourth Month

By the 4th month of the WPA's status as the head party of the Federation of Adonia, Adonia was thriving. This month included the purchasing of the WPA's first ID and passport. The WPA had also opened Adonia up to many opportunities diplomatically and publically. It opened Adonia up to multiple projects within the micronational community and the real world. The start of the 1-month plan improved Adonian professionalism and also its stance as a micronation. The WPA would begin to encourage Adonian Patriotism to take hold as well to encourage Adonians to be proud of themselves.


The WPA had continued to do well, but following the 3rd Inactivity Crisis, from March - August 2021, the WPA stopped doing any activity. This changed in August 2021 when the Commune of Roosevelt was founded. During the Adonian Transitional Period, The Party was renamed to its modern name, the Adonian Torch Party and it started following Adonian-Republicanism.

Accomplishments of the ATP

  • The purchasing of a custom ID and passport
  • The 1 and 6-month plans
  • Opening Adonia up diplomatically
  • The building of a monument for Adonia
  • The protection of LGBTQIA Rights within Adonia
  • The making of a homemade Adonian flag that can fly
  • An Adonian Phonecase
  • The purchasing of a pin which can be worn publically
  • The purchasing of a shirt which can be worn publically
  • The printing of propaganda posters
  • The start of programs for Adonian Citizens
  • The first commune out of the state of Illinois, The first commune outside of the United States
  • The creation of a Currency for Adonia
  • The creation of a constitution
  • The expansion of rights for Adonian Citizens
  • The permanent placing of flags outside the capital, Longhorn
  • The expansion of Adonian Citizenship
  • The Neutrality Oath of Adonia
  • The printing of multiple flags (by ANLEY)