International Solidarity Conference

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The Longhorn International Summit
Logo of the International Solidarity Conference

Headquarters Solidarity Front - The Solidarietas Sector
TISC Discord Server

Official language English

Arranged by Federation of Adonia, Solidarity Front
Head of Summit Andrew Franson

– Foundation 7 September, 2021
TLIS Discord Server

The International Solidarity Conference is an online summit hosted by the Solidarity Front, and sponsored by the Solidarietas Sector, the HQ of the Solidarity Front. It was created to interact with the community overall and promote a positive and friendly environment in the community.

History of the Summit


It was first thought of in May 2021 by Andrew Franson, however, due to inactivity issues, it never took place. Once the inactivity crisis of Adonia ended in August 2021, The summit idea started right back up. The idea of the summit was 5 brought up points.

  • Promote friendship and professionalism among micronationalists
  • Promote a space of free thought and free space for a voice for other micronationalists
  • Give a chance to common micronationalists to interact with the community and get their micronation in the open
  • Establish treaties and micronational agreements
  • Attempt to improve or at least deal with the harsh environment that is the micronational community

It was originally called the Longhorn International Summit, named after the Longhorn Commune of Adonia, which was its sponsor. However, after the Sponsorship was moved to the Solidarity Front, it was renamed to its current name. The 1st summit was held on the 14th of September, 2021.


The International Solidarity Conference is named after the Solidarity Front. The name comes from the organizations name, principles, and goals.


The discord server was opened with a few days or weeks notice in order to give people time to join the TISC Server on Discord and sign up to the event. The preparation phase started when it was announced by the Solidarity Front, and the TISC Discord server.. (For example, preparation for the first summit started on 7 September 2021 when it was announced.) A set date came up when it was agreed upon by the majority. After that, the convention started.

One was able to choose to attend with a voice, without a voice, and as a spectator.

  • People who attended with voice obviously attended with voice. same applied to without.
  • Spectators were not allowed to talk during the summit but spectated the summit, as their name implied.
  • Press members attended and reported on the event, but they were to be designated by role in the Discord Server

2021 Convention


In the 2021 convention, How to start a micronation, Professionalism in the Community, The State of the Community, and Micronational Organizations were discussed. The 2021 Convention was noted to be 'extremely successful' by Andrew Franson and quite a few others who attended. The 2021 Convention served as partial inspiration to start the Solidarity Front.

List of Attendees

Country Representative(s)
People's Republic of Adonia Andrew Franson
The Kalamazoo Commune Trevor Horobik
* Kingdom of Atlia Luis Marcel of Atlia
Dominion of British North America Connor Shaw
Democratic People's Republic of Vanceonia Ashton Mattingly
Flag Unavailable Apolan Queendom Zanti Masterson
UNAR Connor McLean
Free Nation of New Athens Tyler Mullins
Grand Order of DR SOL DB
File:Flag of The Sohnland.svg Republic of The Sohnland Ethan

List of Spectators

Country Representative(s)
N/A Liam Alexander
N/A ’Haramboi’

List of Press Members

Country Press Organization Press Member(s)
 Kingdom of Atlia CTAVA Luis Marcel of Atlia
Grand Order of DR The Fence Sitter SOL DB