Acts and referendums in Førvania

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These Acts were never officially put before Parliament, but bought laws into Førvania.

  • Same-Sex Marriage. This law officially legalised marriage for any two non-married citizens above the age of 18. This is in opposition to it being illegal in Australia, where Førvania is based.
  • Cage-Fighting Ban. This law banned UFC events from taking place in Førvania. This is in opposition to it being legalised in the Australian state of Victoria, where Førvania is based.
  • One Direction Ban. This law banned the popular band One Direction from playing in Førvania, a law that was met with acclaim from the community.[1]


  • 1: Leetspeak Ban. A ban on leetspeak (or l3375p3ak), for reasons such as it hinders communication and that it is annoying.
  • 2: 28-Day Law. On the day this law was passed, the Emperor was stressed out and in a negative state of mind, so he passed a law that, in times of immense stress or trouble, the Emperor can take a break for up to 28 days, with the next in line being the Emperor. If he fails to return to his post at that time, the next-in-line will become Emperor permanently. The rule was invoked a week later.


  • 3: Succession to the Throne. The succession to the throne was defined as going to the eldest child of the current reigning monarch that is a Førvanian citizen, followed by any siblings, then direct ancestors, then any aunts and uncles by blood, then aunts and uncles by marriage.


  • 4: Changing The Name of Modest Island. [2] This law officially changed the name of Modest Island to Paaoma.
  • 5: The Territorial Leaders Act. This officially defined the purposes of Territorial Leaders.


  • 6: The Administrative Divisions Act. This Act officially defined what Administrative Divisions are. However, this system did have a few flaws, and it was changed by the Constitution.
  • 7: The Førvanian Defence Force. This Act would have founded the Førvanian Defence Force, with different branches for the Army, Navy, and Air Force, but it was never passed.


  • 8: Deputy Prime Ministers and MPs. This Act, which was passed with 'Dismissal of Prime Ministers and MPs', meant that the role of Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy MP for each State would be created.
  • 9: Dismissal of Prime Ministers and MPs. This Act, which was passed with 'Deputy Prime Ministers and MPs', meant that the Monarch would be able to dismiss the Prime Minister and the MP if they were not performing their duties adequately.


# Date Title Result Yes No Turnout Link
I September 1–4, 2015 Governmental Structure Rejected 40% 60% 83.33% [3]