5th Carpentieri Government

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5th Carpentieri Government
6th ministry of Pinang
Date formed 10 November 2019
Date dissolved 2 February 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Esty Carpentiwri
Head of state Esty Carpentieri
Total no. of ministers 5
Member party Liberal Front,

Long Live the Grandma and Popular Party

Status in legislature Majority
Legislature term(s) National Senate
Previous 4th Carpentieri Government
Successor Triumvirate of Pinang

The 5th Carpentieri Government was the cabinet of Second Republic of Pinang. It was formed on 10 November 2019 and it dissolved on 2 February 2020, with the formation of the Triumvirate.


According to the constitution of the Second Republic the President appointed ministers and their deputy every month, this meant that the President could change ministers during their term.

Office Name Term of office Party
President Esty Carpentieri 27 October 2019- 2 February 2020 Liberal Front
Grand Chanchellor Buz 10 November 2019- 2 February 2020 Independent
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ezel 10 November 2019- 2 February 2020 Popular Party

Minister of Defence and Public Security Pino 10 November 2019- 9 January 2020 Long Live the Grandma
Cotechino 19 August 2019- 22 September 2019 Liberal Front
Minister of Health, Culture and Economy Ghi 10 November 2019- 11 December 2019 Independent
Cotechino 11 December 2019- 9 January 2020 Liberal Front
Pino 9 January 2020- 2 February 2020 Long Live the Grandma