2023 Steinchenian coup d'etat

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2023 Steinchenian coup d'etat

A photo of Steinchenian territory taken from the former territory of Vlanderming, days before the coup
Date18 June 2023

Marhaen's Militia victory

  • The Steinchenian National Military and President Rashid J.S. surrendered
  • The Steinchenian National Military abolished
  • President Rashid J.S. removed from government
  • Ahmad Marhaen took over all governmental powers
  • All Steinchenian government institutions abolished

Marhaen's Militia

Supported by:

Republic of Steinchen

  • Steinchenian National Military  Surrendered
Commanders and leaders
Chairman A.M. Marhaen President Rashid J.S.  Surrendered
6 3

The 2023 Steinchenian coup d'etat (Indonesian: Kudeta Steinchen 2023) was a coup that overthrew the founder and first president of the Republic of Steinchen, Rashid J.S.. This coup occurred on 18 June 2023 and ended on the same day, by the Marhaen's Militia led by Ahmad Marhaen. The Steinchenian National Military, with Steinchenian president Rashid J.S. surrendered after the coup.