2021 FIFAM World Cup

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2021 FIFAM World Cup
Spanish: Copa del Mundo de la FIFAM
Union de Sangheili y Schykillia 2021
Sangheili: Чемпионат мира ФИФАМ 2021 Великий Социалистический Народный Союз Сангхейли
Schykillian: Чвд Снгл 2021 Гв Хьвлм Шл ФИФАМ
2021 FIFAM World Cup official logo
Together for the Glory
Tournament details
Host countryDd6cizz3.jpg Sangheili Union Schykille.png Schykille)
DatesJune–July, 2021
Teams12 (Participants, host nation is potentially trying to expand to at least 32 or 48 teams) (from 5 confederations)
Venue(s) (in 16 Cities (10 in Sangheili Union, 6 in Schykille) host cities)
Tournament statistics
Goals scored00

The FIFAM World Cup Sangheili Union-Schykille 2021 takes place in the Second edition of the FIFAM World Cup, and at the same time it is the fourth edition of the world cup of micronations.

Host Election

The Sangheili Union was given the hosting rights to host the then-2019 FISA World Cup which became FIFAM. The union of socialist states was given these rights in summer 2017 when they were given 2019 while their fellow Popular Nationes Union member Germax was given the rights to host in 2018. Germax withdrew their applications for future FIFAM considerations and since then the Sangheili Union will participate as part of the Popular Nationes Union in future FIFAM along side Schykille, Germax, Bonosia, and Vladivaskaya. On September 3 to the September 5th, 2018, FIFAM approved a proposal of plans by both the Sangheili Union and Schykille to host the 2021 World Cup. Both national teams and headquarters would announce the venues in the future.

Qualified Teams

The Sangheili Union's goal for hosting this tournament is to increase the number of teams to 32, or 48. FIFAM currently has 12 teams that will take place at the 2019 World Cup in Cherniv.







During the Sangheili People's Premier Hockey League in the 2018 Brezhnev Cup Finals between the Pioneers Club and eventual CSKA Schuylkill Haven, a ceremony before the game in Schuylkill Haven's All Jewish Arena with the promotion of the 2021 World Cup was shown with Schykillian Jul Mdama wearing number 20 on CSKA and Sangheili German Lubitov wearing 21 on the Pioneers.


Air Sanghelios and El Schuylkill, the main airliners of both countries are the official airliners of this tournament.

Broadcasting Rights

Sangheili TV will be the main broadcaster of the tournament. Sport 5 will broadcast matches featuring the Sangheili Union. Sport 1, 2, 3 and 5, as well Sangheili Union TV World News, Local News, and Sangheili Today will broadcast all non-Sangheili and Schykillian matches featuring other micronations. Schykille Broadcasting Corporation will broadcasting all matches in their 4 channel and 6 continental division. All channels are available in English, Sangheili, Schykillian Hebrew and Yiddish, Spanish and other languages that make up the Sangheili Union (Ex. Arabic in Amir and Balibanistan SSRs)


All Sangheili Socialist Republics submitted applications to host the competition however trying to have at least ten cities. Philadelphia, the capital of the union; Toledo, Krakteliya SSR; Wildwood, Ratchet SSR (hosted the MIHF World Cup Finals in 2017 at Wildwood Conventional Stadium between Schykille and Germax); Cleveland, Ohio SSR; Salisbury, Delmarva; Bellefontaine, Oldfoundland SSR; Islamir, Amir SSR; Trenton, Sanghelios SFSR; Newark, Sanghelios SFSR (In East Rutherford where it serves Newark); and Scranton; Sanghelios SFSR. Bellefontaine withdrew their hosting rights and gave it to Erie City, Erie SSR.

Notable rejected cities included were Homestead, Resoria SSR; Ctoria City, Ctoria SSR; Sirte, Balibanistan SSR; Erie, Erie SSR; Jamestown, Saint Yulma SSR; Oil City, Erie SSR; Akron, Ohio SSR; Saint Mary's, Oldfoundland SSR; Lancaster, Sanghelios SFSR; Wilkes Barre, North Penn SSR; Allentown, Sanghelios SFSR; Dover, Sanghelios SFSR; and Ocean City, Delmarva SSR.

On July 26, 2018; the organizing committee made a statement saying they want to "follow the footsteps of the USA-Canada-Mexico bid of FIFA 2026" and are currently going into discussions into including two to six cities from Schykille (possibly Schuylkill Haven, Hershey, Harrisburg, State College, Altoona and Ednaton City).

Dd6cizz3.jpg Philadelphia (Filadelfiya) Dd6cizz3.jpg Cleveland (Klevland), Ohio SSR Dd6cizz3.jpg Trenton, Sangheili SFSR Dd6cizz3.jpg Wildwood, Ratchet SSR Dd6cizz3.jpg Scranton Skranton), Sangheili SFSR Dd6cizz3.jpg Toledo, Krakteliya SSR Dd6cizz3.jpg Salisbury (10th Street), Delmarva SSR Dd6cizz3.jpg East Rutherford (Vostok Ruzerfod), Sangheili SFSR
The Linc (All Sangheili Union home matches, Group Stage, Quarters, Semis and finals) Cleveland Olympic Stadium (Group Stage, and Quarter Finals) Hammer and Sickle Park (Group Stage and R16) Wildwood Conventional Stadium (Group Stage, and Quarter Finals) Stalin Stadium (Group Stage and R16) Krakteliyan Stadion (Group Stage and R16) Arther W. Perdue Stadium (Group Stage and R16) MetLife Stadium (Group Stage, Quarter and Semi Finals)
Capacity: 124,000 Capacity: 67,875 Capacity: 33,000 Capacity: 60,390 Capacity: 40,600 Capacity: 40,280 Capacity: 43,302 Capacity: 102,000
Dd6cizz3.jpg Islamir, Amir SSR Dd6cizz3.jpg Erie City, Erie SSR Schykille.png Schuylkill Haven (Stz'ikl Miklot) Schykille.png Harrisburg (Hrsvvrg) Schykille.png Reading (Krh) Schykille.png Stage College (Hmchllh Hmmlchtt) Schykille.png Hershey City (Hrsh) Schykille.png Altoona (Ltvnh)
Gaddafi Memorial Stadium (Group Stage and R16) Erie Veterans Memorial Stadium (Group Stage and R16) All Jewish People's Olympian Stadium (All Schykille Home Matches, Group Stage, Quarters and Semis) Keystone Park (Group Stage and R16) Don Thomas Stadium (Group Stage and R16) Beaver Stadium (Group Stage, Quarter and Semi Finals) Milton Hershey Stadium (Group Stage and R16) Mansion Park (Group Stage and R16)
Capacity: 41,000 Capacity: 41,210 Capacity: 102,000 Capacity: 40,302 Capacity: 42,593 Capacity: 106,000 Capacity: 40,000 Capacity: 40,201