2021 Draculian presidential election

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2021 Presidential Election

← 2017 8 November 2021 November 2025 →
Nominee Stephen Luke
Party Dracul Guardian Party
Home state Bran District
Running mate Connor Modena
Popular vote 20
Percentage 100%

President before election

Dmitri Howie
Dracul Dragon Party

Elected President

Stephen Luke
Dracul Guardian Party

The 2021 Dracul Presidential Election was the first democratic election in Commonwealth of Dracul. The election saw Stephen Luke win the election with a 100 percentage and a total of 20 votes, with him becoming the first elected President of Dracul.


The election was planned due to President Dmitri Howie refusing to serve for a 2nd term, and the fact that an election is held every four years in Dracul. Initially Stephen Luke's running mate was Whisper Williams, however was replaced with Connor Modena due to his higher amount of activity, availability, and devotion to the Commonwealth. In 2020, an announcement for those interested in running for the Presidency was announced, however Stephen Luke was the only one who registered as a candidate, making him unopposed.


Following the conclusion of the election, Stephen Luke was sworn in as the first President of the Commonwealth of Dracul, which took place on the 8 January 2022. Many Draculians and mutually recognized diplomats were invited to the virtual swearing in ceremony, which took place on that morning. Connor Modena was unavailable due to work and was sworn in two days later on the evening of 10 January.