2020 InterMicronational Summit

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2020 InterMicronational Summit
Theme: International politics, friendship and mutual tolerance, micronationalism and the world
Status Planned
Date 18-19 July 2020
Site Charriot'sVille, Kapreburg
Previous summit MicroCon 2019
Next summit MicroCon 2021

The 2020 InterMicronational Summit is planned to be a meeting of micronationalists between 18 and 19 July 2020.


Jackson I of Kapreburg first tossed around the idea of an InterMicronational Summit in April, 2019. He originally planned it to take place in the summer of 2019. He forgot about the idea until 26 July 2019 when Cameron I of Ikonia mentioned to him about wanting host a micronational meetup, which inspired Morris to bring back his idea of an InterMicronational summit in Chicago. After struggles with a venue in Chicago, he has now turned his eyes to the Kapreburg National Library in Charriot'sVille. He is currently discussing if they are willing to host it, but Jackson I has not yet announced if they have agreed.