2020 Georgienstinian presidential election

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2020 Georgienstinian presidential election

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  Olivier Portrait (Cropped).png Portrait of Benjamin Pickles (June 2020 - small).png
Nominee Raphaël Olivier Benjamin Pickles
Party Nationalist Labour
Alliance United Right Working Families
Home state Castel Augustine
Running mate Raiponce Delaniche Gus Rósínśtí
States carried 3 4
Popular vote 7 5
Percentage 58.3% 41.7%

2020 Georgienstinian presidential election results by state.jpg
Results of the election by state. Blue indicates states won by Olivier/Delaniche, and red indicates states won by Pickles/Rósínśtí.

President before election

Raphaël Olivier I

Elected President

Raphaël Olivier I

The 2020 Georgienstinian presidential election took place on 16 July 2020. It was the first presidential election since the creation of the Democratic Republic of Georgienstine. The Nationalist ticket of President Raphaël Olivier and Vice-President Raiponce Delaniche defeated the Labour ticket of Senator Benjamin Pickles and Governor Gus Rósínśtí.


After the removal of the Syldavian monarchy, Raphaël Olivier was declared President of Georgienstine by the provisional congress. He immediately called for elections on the 16 July 2020 however due to the lack of time for an election night coverage, voting ended on 18 July 2020.

General election campaign

Benjamin Pickles’s campaign focused heavily on his support of the Black Lives Matter movement and fighting climate change. This was mostly due to this being the sole subject in the debate and because Raphaël Olivier had, had significant drop in support in the polls following his poor debate performance. The Pickles campaign, led by Tom Mark, decided to attack Olivier’s debate performance, thinking this would lead to another drop in the polls. The Pickles campaign made a poster attacking Addison Dillon and Raphaël Olivier’s stances on defunding the police. The campaign also made a poster stating that Pickles supported fighting climate change and another one saying that the Labour Party was for all Georgienstinians.

Raphaël Olivier’s campaign focused heavily on several themes, including a free market, increased military spending, gun rights, restrictions on aborition, deregulation and completing the reforms started by the Nationalist Party. The campaign focused heavily on its policies instead of attacking the Pickles campaign.

Addison Dillon’s short lived campaign focused on a free market and progressivism. The campaign attacked Olivier’s social positions, deemed too conservative by them. Dillon ended his campaign on 6 July and endorsed Pickles. He then switched his endorsement to Olivier after having been promised a cabinet position. Strangely, his presidential campaign was still attacked by the Olivier and Pickles campaigns after dropping out.



The Nationalist Party of Georgienstine is the incumbent party in the election. The Nationalist nominees are supported by the United Right Coalition.


2020 Nationalist Party ticket

Raphaël Olivier Raiponce Delaniche
for President for Vice President
Olivier Portrait (Cropped).png
Raiponce DeLaniche Portrait.jpg
President of Georgienstine
Vice President of Georgienstine
Raphael Campaign Logo.jpg


The Labour Party of Georgienstine, founded before the election in a merger of several left-wing parties, is looking to take back power from the Georgistinian right. The Labour nominees are supported by the Working Families Coalition.


2020 Labour Party ticket

Benjamin Pickles Gus Rósínśtí
for President for Vice President
Portrait of Benjamin Pickles (June 2020 - small).png
Gus Augustan Portrait.png
Governor of Augustine
Governor of Caucasia
Pickles Labour Logo.png

Withdrawn candidates

Candidate Experience Running Mate Camapaign announced Campaign suspended Logo
Dillon Portrait.png
Addison Dillon
Founder of the Libertarian Party Tukat Ætimak
2 July 2020 7 July 2020
(endorsed Pickles then Olivier)
Dillon Campaign Logo.png


Debate Date Time


Candidates Host Broadcasted With Moderator
1 15 July 2020 6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Raphaël Olivier

Benjamin Pickles

GNC Discord Tovor Kimyona


Poll source Date Raphaël Olivier
Benjamin Pickles
GNC 16 July 2020
Raphaël Olivier Elected
First presidential debate
GNC 15 July 2020
Raphaël Olivier Elected
GNC 14 July 2020
Raphaël Olivier Elected

Voting process and results

Election night

The Georgienstinian News Corporation immediately began broadcasting election results once polls had opened. Every six hours, the current election results were announced. Election day, 16 July, ended without a presidential projection and with Benjamin Pickles leading 6-5. On 17 July, Olivier took back the lead by winning 2 votes from Georgienstinian residents. On 18 July, no votes had been casted and polls closed. Numerous news networks confirmed Olivier’s re-election on 18 July.

Candidate table

2020 Georgienstinian Presidential Election
Party Candidate Running mate Votes %
Nationalist Party Raphaël Olivier Raiponce Delaniche 7 58.3%
Labour Party Benjamin Pickles Gus Rósínśtí 5 41.7%

Popular vote summary

Popular vote

By state