2019 Alrodnia legislative election

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2019 Alrodnia Legislative Election

October 31, 2019 (2019-10-31) 2020 →

All 4 seats of the DPNB
2 seats needed for a majority
  First party
Candidate Udin R.R
Leader Udin R.R
Party Alrodnia Social Party
Seats won 4
Seat change New Party
Percentage 100%

2019 Alrodnia Map.png
Alrodnia Map After Election, Results of the election by state. Red indicates states won by Udin R.R (PSLA)

Prime Minister before election

Udin R.R
Alrodnia Social Party

Elected Prime Minister

Udin R.R
Alrodnia Social Party

2019 Alrodnia Legislative Election Is Alrodnia's First Election To Be Held On 31 October The Winner Is PSLA (Alrodnia Social Party)


Party % Seats
Alrodnia Social Party 100 4
Total 100 4