2018 Aenderian presidential election

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The 2018 Aenderian presidential election was a series of elections in the Republic of Aenderia that took place on 22 September 2019 and was originally going to take place again on 20 October 2018 but was cancelled due to the indepedence of Auvenum


Elections were called by Russell Gilzem for the Aenderian Legislative Council and president on 22 September 2019. This lead to the Conservative Party of Aenderia, lead by Horatio Eden, to win president, but the incumbent Aenderian Democratic Party leading a majority in the legislature. On 27 September 2018, Russell Gilzem sued Horatio Eden for conspiracy, conspiarcy to commit sedition, voter intimiation, evidence tampering, and various other issues. Gilzem also used Lycon for accomplying Horatio Eden in a conmspiarcy to commit both sedition and tamper evidence.

During Russell Gilzem v. Republic of Aenderia, the Judge had decided that one of the outcomes of this case would be that the public would get to choose if they want a new president for the Republic of Aenderia. With a 7-2 vote, they strongly wanted an election.