1st Lewis Cabinet

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The 1st Lewis Cabinet was formed on the 17th January 2015 following democratic elections in the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. The Marquis of New Charter won the election and was named Prime Minister. He then submitted his Cabinet to the Imperial Grand Duke who approved it and subsequently announced it through Imperial Edict VI.

Portfolio Minister Term Political Affiliation
Imperial Grand Duke
Lord Chancellor of the Treasury
HIM, The Imperial Grand Duke of Lundenwic, Julian I Jan 2015 - Royalist
Prime Minister of Lundenwic
Minister of the Foreign Office
Lord Gen. Michael Lewis, the Marquis of Charter MP Jan 2015 - Lundenwic Militarists Party
Minister of the Interior and Grand Region The Rt. Hon. Roberto Bruno MP Jan 2015 - Democratic Freedom Party
Minister of Defence The Rt. Hon. General Emma Spencer MP Jan 2015 - Lundenwic Militarists Party
Minister of Justice The Rt. Hon. David Clark MP Jan 2015 - Independent
Minister for Faith and Communities The Rt. Hon. Hannah Crabtree MP Jan 2015 - Independent