État se Centro-Nordo Alltgobhlach

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État se Centro-Nordo Alltgobhlach

Capital citynone defined
Official language(s)None (English and Taigh a Batan de facto)
GovernmentState of Taigh a Bata
- GovernorLiam McNeaney
Established26 March 2011
CurrencyTaigh a Bata Dollar, British Pound

The État se Centro-Nordo Alltgobhlach, or State of Central-North Alltgobhlach, was created on the 26th of March 2011. It was the first state which was oficially named in Taigh a Batan.


The state encompassed a large area of woodland surrounded by fences on the north, east and west sides and the Allt Gobhlach burn on the south side. It bordered the State of Central Alltgobhlach, the State of Western Alltgobhlach, the former Abode of Peace and Language and the United Kingdom. It was also within 20 metres of the State of Eastern Alltgobhlach. The state was also the first one outside of the The Bedroom which has official signage.