State of Central Alltgobhlach

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State of Central Alltgobhlach
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Capital cityNorth Swington
Official language(s)None (English de facto)
GovernmentState of Taigh a Bata
- GovernorRobert Ingham
Population1 (de facto)
CurrencyTaigh a Bata Dollar, British Pound

Created as a result of the 2010 Taigh a Bata Flood, the State of Central Alltgobhlach was the first state of Taigh a Bata to be declared independent from macronational authority in 2011. It encompassed the former Northern County of the State of Western Alltgobhlach and the former Intermicronational State of Northwest Island.

Central Alltgobhlach bordered Western Alltgobhlach, Northern Alltgobhlach and the United Kingdom.