Zairskaj language

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Цаирскай Спрахе
Zairskaj Sprakhe

Spoken inZairskaya, People's Republic of Linian (former DPRZ)

The Zairskaj Language (Цаирскай Спрахе (Zairskaj Sprakhe) ) is a constructed language, built and primarily spoken in the People's Republic of Linian (former Democratoc Socialist Republic of Zairskaya).

Zairskaj speakers use two alphabets, a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet and the normal Latin alphabet, depending on the area they live in.


The main alphabet of the Zairskaj language is a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet mostly based on the Russian one.

The Zairskaj Cyrillic alphabet is the following:

Cyrillic Latin IPA value
А а A a ɑ
Б б B b b
В в W w v
Г г G g g
Д д D d d
Э э E e e
Ё ё Jo jo jo
Ш ш Sch sch ʃ
И и I i i
Й й J j i
К к K k k
Л л L l l
М м M m m
Н н N n n
Cyrillic Latin IPA value
О о O o o
П п P p p
Р р R r r
С с S s s
Т т T t t
У у U u u
Ф ф F f f
Х х CH/H ch/h χ
Ц ц Z z t͡s
Ч ч Tsch tsch d͡ʒ
Ю ю Ju ju ju
Я я Ja ja ja

Sample text:

German English Zairskaj Latin Zairskaj Cyrillic
Er versuchte die Sprache zu sprechen, die er in diesem Buch gelesen hatte. He tried to speak the language, he read in that book. Er wersukhte die Sprakhe zu sprekhen, die er in disem Bukh gelesen khatte. Ер версухте дие Спрахе цу спрехен, дие ер ин дисем Бух гелесен хатте.