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City of Yunallia
—  City  —
Yunallian Ruins in October 2019

Nickname(s): Trade City
Motto: "City of Billionaires"
Population (0)
 - Total 0
Demonym Yunallian

Yunallia was the smallest city in Kapreburg, with a population of 0. It was founded in March 2018, and has since been abandoned. The city was named after Kaperburg's first president's brother, Yanal Johnson.


Yunallia was founded on March 18, 2018. It was originally set up with high expectations yet has since been abandoned. Yunallia's first plan was to build a house but that plan was dropped. Later, in late 2018 after it was abandoned, plans were unveiled to create an artificial island named Richard Island inside the creek near Yunallia. The island has not been built yet, but there are even greater plans. Currently, the forest inhabiting Yunallia is under process of being cut down to build apartment buildings. This will restore the population of Yunallia.