Williams Point, H.E.R.

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Flag of the Humanitarian Empire & Realm (H.E.R.)

Williams Point is an established location of the Humanitarian Empire and Realm (H.E.R.), a micronation founded by The Honorable Tony T. Williams, and is located in Keithville, Louisiana, USA. The point sits on 1 acre of land which encompasses the burial sites of several of the founder's ancestors.

Official language from the Royal Decree, dated 2.10.2021: "Williams Point is a half acre (21,780 square feet) plot of land in Keithville, Louisiana, once owned by the Williams family, now a registered cemetery. This land contains 11 registered graves, 7 of which are direct ancestors and relatives of HRH Tony T Williams, the Lord of H.E.R.

This land is claimed as part of the Sovereign nation of "H.E.R." An agreement was reached in March 2021 to purchase the land, once owned by his ancestors.

The land as no distinguished flag or armed force like Sierratown, Scottsville, and Kerryville, as it is a point. It is officially represented by the H.E.R. Flag, falls under Sierratown administratively, and the Imperial Army for protection.

Protecting this land is the H.E.R. Imperial guard which also overseas the Scottville Army. The force is under the command of the 2nd Baron of H.E.R., who serves as Commander of the Imperial Army, Commander of the Scottville Army, and Commander, Knights of H.E.R. The military flag is modeled after the national flag with the center Teutonic Cross replaced with a version of the Williams of Wales Coat of Arms.

Williams Point, H.E.R., established 2.10.2021