Will of the Workers and the Peoples' Party

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Will of the Workers and the Peoples' Party
Manesnxhekvokiip Wærkaadh Gropjen(MXVWG)
LeaderDal Grendal
PresidentDal Grendal
SpokespersonWenloxh Helmæ
FoundedBeginning of 6th Era
HeadquartersDobla City, Matrlond
Youth wingThe People's Youth Education Division
IdeologyWill of the People
National affiliationCopan resised.jpg The People's Republic of Copan
Official coloursRed, Black
47 / 62

The MXVWG is the current Will of the People party of Copan. They currently hold all provincial seats and hold many departmental seats.

Seats Held by The MXVWG

- All Provincial Seats - Department of Industrial Oversight
- Department of Farmers Unions
- Department of Workers Unions
- Department of Devolution
- Many other smaller departments


The MXVWG evolved from the older Grovisolist party called the Miinlondgroviixhekvokiip Gropjen (MLGXVG). The MXVWG initially started as a more 'soft-core' splinter group of the MLGXVG which pushed for "Extreme Devolution". After the Grovisolist government fell at the end of the 4th Era, so to did the MXVWG, the party would not form again until the next Era, after Deshaki II of Copan left the throne.

With the new federated government set up by Deshaki II of Copan, the people of Copan needed a party that would hold up the devolutionist ideals while ensuring the Will of the people is sought to the highest degree of honesty, and Dal Grendal, the founder of the MXVWG new this was the time to reform the party.