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The Motherlands
—  Province  —
Motto: Þaþ Etricalonddrot (The roots of Etrica)
Country Royal Empire of Copan
Region Inner Copan
Etrica Ancient
Founder Unknown
Administrative Division Etrica
 - Countess Cathwise of Copan
Area code(s) MTL

The Motherlands is an ancient region in the Copanic region. It has been the cause of many conflicts in the history of Copan. The Motherlands has been a long disputed terretory between Fabon and Copan.

The region is the ancestral home to he Etrican people, and approximatley 82% of the population consider themselves ethnically Etrican


The name "Motherlands" comes from the fact that it is the ancestral home of the Etrican people

Classification and Government

Chasonlond is an administrative divison of Copan. It holds two seats in the national council.

Chasonlond is represented by the Count(ess) of the Motherlands, and one to five elected national council delegates


Chasonlond is a cold, flat area with semi-fertile soil and shares a mountainous border with Ccentyyrholm and The Promised Lands

There are two towns and one city in the province

Settlement name Settlement Type Region Description
Dolba City Dolba A medium sized city, known for technology manufacturing
Bintolanig Town Bintraxii A fairly small town
Astrnag Town Bintraxii A small town