West Indies (cricket)

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West Indies
West Indies Cricket Cap Insignia.png
Team Flag
Full nameCricket Club West Indies
Founded10 October 2012
GroundInternet-cafe, SunRegion, Freblick,
(Capacity: 10)
ChairmanEugene Smagin
Head CoachEugene Smagin
LeagueVirtual Cricket League
International Challenge1
Home colours

West Indies is virtual cricket club from Freblick, playing in Virtual Cricket League with other teams from Russia,Moldova,Latvia and Ukraine. It is one of the most successful teams in micronational history, with 15 wins in 16 tournaments



Team was founded in 2012 and took part in first SLK Championship, consisted of two cups. West Indies won two of them, while losing only 2 points in game against Saphir, which solves nothing. Eugene Smagin got award as Best Player, Ivan Filatov and Bruce Mathew were included in the Team of Year

Top-3 of SLK Championship 2012

Team Games Wins N/R or ties Losses Points
Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpgWest Indies 8 7 0 1 14
Flag-big.pngSaphir 8 5 0 3 10
Flag-big.pngSibir 8 3 0 5 6


In 2013, Russian club Saphir began to compete with West Indies as equals and won one of Cups. However, due to good transfer politics and emergence of own youth team (Academy), WI started to reduce the backlog and catch up with rivals by 10 tour. Then, Freblick team started their winning series from 17 matches (it continued in 2014) and easily won the tournament with advantage of 13 points. Eugene Smagin got the award as Best Player again. Dmitry Grigoryev was included in the Team of Year.

TOP-5 of SLK Championship 2013

Team Games Wins N/R or ties Losses Points
Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg West Indies 17 16 0 1 32
Flag-big.pngSaphir 16 9 1 6 19
00054059.jpgAcademy 16 6 1 9 13
Horvatia.gifRhinos 8 4 0 4 8
Moldavskiy-flag.gifAcademy-2 4 2 0 2 4



Team started year as main favorite and confirmed their reputation- won eight from eight cups with only 1 lose against Saphir-2. In this season many teams declared their readiness to fight the West Indies, but Freblickans beat all challengers- Collage, Noobik and KNK. Also, West Indies started their new winning series, which lasted for 28 matches. Now, West Indies breakaway in 32 points, so they almost book the title.

TOP-5 of SLK Championship 2014

Team Games Wins N/R or ties Losses Points
Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpgWest Indies 30 29 0 1 58
00054059.jpgAcademy 26 13 0 13 26
Flag-big.pngSaphir 31 13 0 18 26
Images.jpgCollage 13 6 0 7 12
Flag-big.pngKNK 17 5 0 12 10

International Challenge

In 2014, VCL started a new tournament- International Challenge for 5 best teams of SLK. They played 8 matches against each other. West Indies started confidently, but sensationally lost KNK in first match and needed only wins in last tours against Saphir, Academy and KNK. Match against KNK was especially hard and ended in superover. Due to fielding mistake from KNK's wicketkeeper and leader Igor Moshkov, Freblickan team won that trophy.

Team Games Wins Losses NRR Points
West Indies 8 7 1 8,23 14
KNK 8 6 2 3,62 12
Academy 8 3 5 (-1 point) -2,93 5
Arion 8 2 6 -6,43 4
Saphir 8 2 6 (-1 point) -2,49 3


  • International Challenge:1


  • SLK Cups:2


Famous players

  • Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Eugene Smagin- manager of the team, best player of 2012 and 2013
  • Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Ivan Filatov- one of the best players of first 5 seasons. Now playes in Russian CC Paradox
  • Flag-big.png Mikhail Satyshev- first bowler with 6 wickets in a row. Ended career
  • Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Sunil Narine- the youngest champion in VCL history. Now in the coaching staff of West Indies
  • Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Dmitry Grigoryev- the top-scorer of many tournaments, who came from Saphir.
  • Flag-big.png Egor Krasnoperov- was on big loan for 5 seasons, but came back to West Indies and won 3 titles
  • Flag-big.png Konstantin Nikitin- student of Academy(junior team of WI), one of the best fast-bowlers
  • Flag-big.png Ruslan Mostovoy- was in club for 2 seasons, now is a coach of Arion
  • Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Ilya Smelov- young, but very talented batsman. Now on loan in NiP


Nationality Name Games Pos Previous Club
Eugene Smagin 55 Bat N/A
Konstantin Nikitin 20 Bowl 00054059.jpg Academy
Dmitry Grigoryev 17 WK Flag-big.png Saphir
Ilya Smelov 1 Bat Now on loan in Flag-big.png NiP