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The Wellmoore News Association (WNA) is the official and apolitical news source of The Kingdom of Wellmoore based in Midnight City, Wellmoore's Capital City.

The Wellmoore News Association (Wellmoore Associação de Notícias)
Logo of the WNA
Owner(s)King Luke of Wellmoore
Founder(s)King Luke of Wellmoore
Staff writers1
Honourary Editor-in-ChiefKing Luke of Wellmoore
Founded7th of March 2021
Political alignmentApolitical
LanguageEnglish & Portuguese
HeadquartersMidnight City
CountryWellmoore's Flag.jpg Kingdom of Wellmoore
Readership20-35 Per Article
WebsiteWellmoore News Association; Official Site



The Wellmoore News Assocaiation was founded on the 7th of March 2021, by King Luke of Wellmoore, as an online news source for Wellmoore.


The WNA currently publish after a newsworthy event happens in Wellmoore, with no set schedule.

From the 20th of September 2021 the WNA published in both English and Portuguese, the national languages of Wellmoore.


Since it's foundation the Wellmoore News Association has been owned by King Luke of Wellmoore and run apolitically by HM's Government of Wellmoore.

Owners of the WNA

Political Allegiance

Despite being run by the Monarchy of the Kingdom of Wellmoore and the Wellmoorean Government, the Wellmoore News Association has no political allegiance and is a neutral news source so people can get a clear, neutral view of events in Wellmoore.

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