Voice vote (Whestcorea)

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In Whestcorean parliamentary procedure, a voice vote is a voting method within both branches of the Federal Government of Whestcorea wherein a vote is taken on a motion or piece of legislation by responding verbally.

In the Federal Republic of Whestcorea, similarly to that used in the United Kingdom's Westminster system, motions are held by, first, a member of the assembly proposing a motion by, for instance, saying "Mr. Speaker/Deputy Speaker/Subordinate Deputy Speaker, I move that the Basketball Criminalization Act be now passed into law." This would then be followed by the Speaker of the Sen8 responding with "I move it", though Speakers have, in the past, used variations of it, such as "I move what he said," "I move cargo", or "I move it, baby".

Passage of a motion generally requires two thirds of those present to vote in favour, by saying "hahu". Those who are opposed to a motion's passage may register their being so by saying "rekt", while abstentions are marked by saying "no one gives one m8".