Vestoi Tabloid

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The Vestoi
The Vestochka Tabloid
Front page
Head quarters Musorov
Format Tabloid
Type Monthly
Owner Cheslovian government 50%, Iigon Dzyozhov 25%, Urosh Dushanov 25%
Editor Urosh Dushanov, Cheslovian government
Founded 6 April 2009
Political Allegiance None, neutral
Language(s) English
Distributor(s) Various
Distributed In Cheslovia

The Vestochka Tabloid (Vestoi) was the first Post Kaznian Rebirth tabloid newspaper. The project to create a monthly tabloid nespaper came as part of the Cheslovian proposel for modernization (proposed on 5 April 2009). Seeing other high quality micronational news papers such as The People's Reporter and The Charwood Tribune, the Vestochka News Agency decided to make a tabloid news paper to rival that of the other micronations. The "ordinary" Vestochka newspapers will still be used, as they are produced to serve a practical purpose of telling news as it happens, even if the news appears dull, after the "ordinary" Vestochka's have been read, at leat one will be stored in the natinal archives of Cheslovia, which is why they appear very neutral, so that facts can be told as they happened on they day. The new Vestoid focuses on the reader rather than the national archive, and explains news in a more detailed and informative manner, giving some opinions but still keeping a neutral point of view.