The People's Reporter

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The People's Reporter
Format A4 Paper (2008-2009)
Berliner (current)
Type Weekly
Owner Erusian National Communist Party (2008-2009)
Communist Party of the USMR (briefly in 2009)
People's Media Association (current)
Editor Laura Williams (senior editor)
Founded December 2008
Political Allegiance Left-wing, Communist, Socialist
Language(s) English
Distributor(s) Culture and Creative Media Agency, Durban Press Office
Distributed In Erusia, Bzan, Licentia, internationally (from April 2009)

The People's Reporter (printed as The People's Report for the first two editions) is the name of a State-run left-wing and pro-Communist newspaper in the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics. To date, it is the only newspaper in circulation within the USMR. Originally established as the official newspaper of the Erusian National Communist Party and distributed internally in a plain A4 paper format, the paper was edited and distributed exclusively by the ENCP's Central Discipline Commission. The Commission entered into formal talks with the Revolutionary Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of the USMR in late March 2009 and, on April 1, The People's Reporter was officially "sold" to the CPUSMR and assigned to the All-Union Culture and Creative Media Agency. Current editions of the newspaper are intended to be distributed weekly, although the Agency has stated new issues may sometimes be before or after the weekly publication date.

Among the MicroWiki community, The People's Reporter established itself as a publication of some renown. The first issue of the international edition of The People's Reporter, and the first to be published in the Berliner format, featured nine micronational news stories, two macronational news stories, a special word from the senior editor and a half-page special on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ahead of the DPRK's plan to test it's latest ICBM modification. It was received well within the Union and praised by a number of senior Communist politicians. Abroad, the Reporter was praised for it's unsually in-depth and high quality journalism, professionalism and superb design. The critical reception was so positive that it was decided to establish the People's Media Association, a State Owned Enterprise, and "sell" the newspaper to them.

Early on April 6, 2009, Culture Minister and CEO of the People's Media Association announced that the Association had plans to launch The People's Reporter Online. The newspaper was discontinued with the collapse of the USMR, but the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia has announced plans to resume "production of a newspaper in the same format".

Published Issues


April 3 - Download as PDF
April 14–18 - date unconfirmed; postponed to allow for development of other newspapers and to allow for accumulation of news
April 29 - Bzanite Independence 1st Anniversary special