Vasiliki I of Ovrestlia

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Vasiliki I
Emperess of Ovrestlia
1st Emperess of Ovrestlia
Reign18 July 2019 – 23 November 2019
Coronation2 October 2019
PredecessorThrone established
Born14 February 1924 (1924-02-14) (age 99)
Gavros, Kingdom of Greece
IssueHIM Vasiliki II
HIH Prince George I

HIM Vasiliki I, or Grand Mother Vasiliki I, was the 1st Emperess of Ovrestlia. She's the oldest Monarch in the world.[citation needed]

Early life

Life before WW2

She was borned in Gavros, (or Kraniona). Her family was poor, so her father went for some years to the US. She was the oldest from the brothers, Sotiris and Tryfon.


When she was 20 years old (at 1944), German soldiers came to the house to take her. In the beginning, they tried to hide her, but they found her. They went Vasiliki to a camp, with other women. If she was there, she would has gone to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia etc. A night, Vasiliki, escaped from the camp. If she couldn't escape, the soldiers would have shoot her. This night, Vasiliki, went to Kraniona, to her house and from there, her parents and she went to Kastoria.

Her marriage with Traianos

When she growed up, she invited Traianos, a young man from Florina. They got married and she borned George and Evaggelia. Traianos went for 15 years, to Melbourne. So, those years she was alone.

The Throne

When Thomas Marios resinged, the Royal Family decided Vasiliki to be the Emperess of Ovrestlia. So, today she is the Emperess of Ovrestlia. Also, was the oldest monarch in the world.


On 10 November 2019, Vasiliki I was diagnosed with dementia. Until 23 November, her son, George I, helped Vasiliki with her comretences. On 20 November 2019, George I resigned, so his heir was Vasiliki II, but she lives from 2013 in Principality of Akarnania. So, she retreated from the throne, and her reign ended.