Chamber of Deputies (Valencia)

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Valencian Chamber of Deputies
Founded11 April 2021
Liam Akins
since 16 April 2021
Prime Minister
Eoin O'Lachtna
since 1 May 2021
Leader of the Opposition
since 11 April 2021
  • 8 Deputies
Political groups


  •   PDSV: 4 seats
  •   VA: 1 seat


  •   LV: 2 seats
  •   SDP: 1 seat
Last election
9-10 April 2021

The Valencian Chamber of Deputies, sometimes referred to as just The Chamber is the legislative branch of the Valencian Republic. The Chamber consists of eight elected deputies.


The Chamber of Deputies is elected by the citizens of Valencia every 4 months, during the months of April, August, and December. The Chamber is tasked with voting on bills and constitutional amendments, electing the President of Valencia, and most importantly supplying confidence to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers.

List of members

1st Session (11 April 2021 - present)

Seat Deputy Party Notes
National Eoin O'Lachtna Party of Democratic Socialism Prime Minister
Esty Carpentieri Lega Valenzia Deputy Prime Minister, elected on PDS list
Ben Pickles Party of Democratic Socialism Replaced Arden Victoria
Liam Akins Independent[1] Replaced James Mark as President, Chair of the Chamber
James Mark Social Democratic Party
Vacant N/A Seat formerly filled by Andre Carnerio
Vacant N/A Seat formerly filled by Louis de Blois
Vacant N/A Seat formerly filled by Tom Mark

Notes and References

  1. Elected on the PDSV list.