Valdemar I of Vendsyssel

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Valdemar I
King of Vendsyssel
Reign 13 December 2018 – present
Monarchy established
Heir presumptive Josephine Henrietta Isabella Mathilde
Full name
Valdemar Vilhelm Louis Alexandre
House Juul
Father Vilhelm Carl Philippe Henri
Mother Sigrid Louise Ingrid Alexandra
Fieldmarshal & Lieutenant

Valdemar I of Vendsyssel
AllegianceKingdom of Denmark (2015-present) Kingdom of Vendsyssel (2018-Present)
Years of serviceDanish Army (2015-present) Vendsyssel Armed Forces (2018-present
RankDenmark - Lieutenant Vendsyssel = Field Marshal

Valdemar Vilhelm Louis Alexandre (Known as Valdemar I) is the reigning king of Vendsyssel.

Early life

Valdemar was born on June 26th, 1991 at Hjørring Sygehus. His father Vilhelm is a retired soldier from the Danish Royal Navy, and now a volunteer in the Danish Homeguard. His mother Sigrid is working for the danish government with bilingual children. He also has an older sister, Josephine, who works for the danish government in the economic area.

He was born and raised in Hjørring, Vendsyssel with only a few exceptions, most notably a 4-year period in the town of Esbjerg in Sourthern Denmark.


Valdemar attended the danish "folkeskole", and afterwards continued to get an STX-degree at "Hjørring Gymnasium and HF-kursus". After the STX he got a vocational secondary education within the business area. He then attended City of Glasgow College in Scotland in which he studied event organisation, project managementand courses relating to that area. Later he decided to study for a bachelor in sport & event management, however he dropped out after a year to embark on his military career.

Military Service

Danish Defence

Valdemar's military career got a rocky start. He joined the danish army in 2012 as a voluntary conscript, but was medically discharged after picking up a shoulder injury. After a period of rehabilitation he joined again as a conscript in February 2015. After 4-month of basic training he once again went out in the civilian world. He then joined the Army NCO-school in April 2016 and graduated to become a sergeant (OR-5), with specialisation in logistics. He then went on to join the lieutenant-school, which he graduated in the summer of 2017, thus advancing to Second Lieutenant with the command of a platoon of conscripts. After a year of service he got promoted to Lieutenant (OR-1). As of now he is working as an education officer in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare-company.

He is set on joining the Army Officer-school in either 2020 or 2021 to further advance his career.

Vendsyssel Armed forces

As regent of Vendsyssel he is the commander-in-chief of the Vendsyssel Armed Forces and thus holding the rank of Field Marshal.


Valdemar assumed regency when he formally established the Kingdom of Vendsyssel on 13th of December 2018. Kingdom of Vendsyssel has not shown much growth during the start of the Valdemars reign. Since the king is heavily focused on his military career, the progress is slow, however steady. Thus his reign is for now mostly characterized by him trying to lay the foundation to the Kingdom, working out formalia, writing pages and getting the information out to the world.

Personal life and interests

Valdemar enjoys are great variety of interests. He is first and foremost interested in areas relating to warfare and military history. He also has a great interest in leadership and projec-management. He also enjoys a great variety of sports. He is a big fan of Association Football (Soccer/Football) and tennis. He also likes watching and occasionally playing Handball, Chess, Volleyball, Hockey, Icehockey, Archery and more. He's been involved in association football since the age of four either as a player or as a coach. While still taking coaching jobs from time to time, he hasn't played the game himself in a handfull of years due to different circumstances. He's also been involved in tennis since the age of 12, both as a player and a coach. In the summer of 2019 he picked up playing again after a few year hiatus.

Other personal interests includes movies, musicals and books.

Valdemar is currently in a relationship with Caroline born in 1997. They got acquainted through one of Valdemars colleagues in the danish armed forces. Valdemar and Caroline recently moved in together. Caroline iscurrently not participating in micronational activities.

Styles and Honours

13 December 2018 - present: His Majesty the King of Vendsyssel

His full title is; His Majesty Valdemar I, King of Vendsyssel



Valdemar I of Vendsyssel
Born: 26 June 1991
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Monarchy established
King of Vendsyssel
13 December 2018 – present