Order of the Vendelbrog

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Order of the Vendelbrog
Awarded by Monarch of Vendsyssel
TypeChivalric order with six classes
MottoFor kongen og fædrelandet
(Danish: For the king and fatherland)
Awarded forAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignValdemar I
Grand Commander
Grand Cross
Commander 1st Class
Knight 1st Class
First induction2019 Valdemar I
Last induction2019 Valdemar I
Next (higher)Order of the Black Raven
Next (lower)Valour-cross

The Order of the Vendelbrog is a Vendsysselsk order of chivalry and is Vendsyssels's second highest honour. It has existed since 2019 with its first recepient: Valdemar I, King of Vendsyssel


Since the Kingdom of Vendsyssel only had one royal order, the Order of the Black Raven which were meant to be a rare honour to be bestowed, another order was needed to honour members of the society in Vendsyssel aswell as foreign nationals such as head of states, ambassadors etc.
The order was created on 26th of August 2019


The monarch of Vendsyssel is the head of the order.
The order is awarded at the discretion of the monarch, and there are no fixed requirements.

Diplomatic use

The Order of the Vendelbrog is also used for diplomatic purposes.

It is used as an exchange between head of states if a foreign country has an Order they bestow on foreign nationals.

If a foreign country has an Order that they give to foreign diplomats in their country, then their diplomatis in Vendsyssel can also receive the Order of the Vendelbrog.
To be eligible the foreign ambassador must have been in his position for at least a year.

Usually the classes bestowed will be;
Head of states: Grand Cross
Ambassadors: Commander
Other diplomats: Depending on their role, responsibility etc.


The order of the Vendelbrog has six class:

Grand Commander - Only given to royal persons with close ties to the royal family. The number of Grand Commanders can never exceed 9 people, and the regent of Vendsyssel is always a Grand Commander.
Abbreviated as GCM.D. in letters et cetera.

Grand Cross - Normally given to high-ranking generals, admirals, as especially meritorious service to Vendsyssel or to foreign head of states.
Abbreviated as GC.D. in letters et cetera.

Commander 1st Class - Normally given to generals, admirals and government leaders as retirement award.
Abbreviated as CM1.D. in letters et cetera.

Commander - Normally given to colonels, lieutenant-colonels, ministers, ambassadors, lawspeakers of sysseltinget and above, high-ranking officials upon retirement or long service and to foreign ambassadors.
Abbreviated as CM.D. in letters et cetera.

Knight 1st Class - Normally given to officers of the police, armed forces or emergency services with at least 15 years of service, ministers with at least 5 years of service as minister and lawspeakers of Birktinget and Herredstinget.
Abbreviated as Kn1.D. in letters et cetera.

Knight - Normally given to ministers on appointment and people with meritorious service to Vendsyssel.
Abbreviated as Kn.D. in letters et cetera

Current knights and officers

Sovereign of the Royal Vendsysselske Orders of Chivalry

Current Knights of the Vendelbrog listed by date of appointment

Grand Commanders