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Municipality of Valaškonice
  Municipality of Litvania  
Nickname(s): Valaška
Country Litvania
Republic Litvania
Formed 30 May 2016
 - Mayor Michał Nowacki
 - Provincial President Michal Nowacki
 - Total N/A
Location Slovynia, Litvania

Valaškonice is a municipality of Litvania. It is the capital city of the province of Slovynia,and is the second biggest city in Litvania. It was the site of the 2015 "Battle of Valaškonice", where the Filipolandic founght for 35 minutes against the "Parnička" battalion in an actual water gun battle. That was when the anthem for Litvania was written by Jozef Blečik, and was later replaced with another anthem entitled "Hymn to the Fatherland" written in 2016 by Emperor Patrick I of Paravia.