Urielandish Ambassador to Colombia

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Ambassador of Urielandia to the Republic of Colombia
Luis Torrado

since 8 September 2018
StyleHis/Her Excellency
AppointerHIM Uriel I
Term lengthAt His Imperial Majesty´s pleasure.
Inaugural holderHIM Uriel I
FormationJune 2018

The Urielandish Ambassador to Colombia, is the office of the diplomatic mission of the Empire of Urielandia to the Republic of Colombia, located in South America. The current ambassador is H.E Luis Manuel Torrado.


The Urielandish Embassy to Colombia, was the first diplomatic mission the micronation sent to the Republic of Colombia. The charge of Ambassador was assumed by Uriel I, due to his duty as the Chief Ambassador of every Urielandish diplomatic mission around the world. In September 2018, HIM Uriel I, was succeeded by Luis Manuel Torrado.

List of Ambassadors

# Name Portrait Resident of In office Appointer
1 HIM Uriel I Urielandiaemp18.png Empire of Urielandia June 2018 - 8 September 2018 Himself (as the first Ambassador)
2 Luis Torrado Rudolf Uriimperio.jpg Colombia 8 September 2018 – present HIM Uriel I