United State of Costa de la Nada

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United State of Costa de la Nada
USCN flag.png

"Discount Abelden, let's be fair"
United Kingdom
Capital cityNone
Largest cityN/A
Official language(s)English, Lenny
Official religion(s)None
Short nameCosta de la Nada
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
- ImperatorHoratio Eden
- Senior MinisterJames Reginald Frisch
- President of the Camara AltaHoratio Eden
LegislatureCamara Alta
- Number of seats - 5
Population6 as of 13 April 2018
Time zoneBritish Standard Time

Costa de la Nada, officially the United State of Costa de la Nada, is a pseudo-serious, pseudo-humourous micronation based in the United Kingdom established by current Imperator and head of state Horatio Eden.

It is a parliamentary monarchy, where the head of state - the Imperator - is elected but serves a life tenure. The constituting document of the nation, the Enacting Laws of Costa de la Alta, do not establish a system by which the Imperator can be removed. Governing authority is shared between the Imperator, who has absolute legislative and executive power, and the Senior Minister, who serves as the head of government as a member of the elected legislature, the Camara Alta. The judicial branch, the Suprema Corte, is currently unstaffed.