United Republics Senate

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United Republics Senate
The Seal of the senate (1).png
Founded2 June 2021
Darlene Callies
, Independent
Seats5 Seats
  • 5 at-large Seats
Svgfiles 2021-09-16-19-34-49-811636-4616673395454850455.svg
Political groups
  •   Democratic Republicans (2)
  •   Independent (3)
Single transferable vote
Last election
7 February 2017
Next election
7 February 2023
Meeting place
None de jure
Oakland Republic de facto

The Senate is the Upper house of the United Republics of Michigan. It is comprised of various Senators elected to represent the Republics and Territories The election is done by the Single transferable vote in general elections held 6 years following the previous election. The Senate is presided over and represented by its Senate President, currently Darlene Callies Is President and Is Senators for the Wayne County Territory

List of Senators

Name Took office Seat Party
Max Garataglia 2 June 2021 The Commons   Democratic Republican Party
Evan Callies 2 June 2021 Oakland   Democratic Republican Party
Darlene Callies 2 June 2021 Wayne   Independent
Cerena Lester July 14, 2021 Heath   Independent
Kevin Yamada July 14, 2021 Grayling   Independent