United Libertarians

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United Libertarians
LeaderAidan Fritz
Founded25 March 2021
Dissolved14 May 2024
HeadquartersNew Orleans, LA
Fiscal conservatism
International affiliationInternational Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Libertarian Party of Wynnland's Discord Server

The United Libertarians was a major political party in the Kingdom of Wynnland. It was made on 25 March 2021, with it's main objective being to limit the power of, add checks and balances to, and bring back activity to Wynnland and its government. It was the longest lasting party only having dissolved on 14 May 2024.

Bills(Publicly Known)

  • Judicial Reform Act - Passed 4-0
  • Open Economic Reform Act - Passed 5-1
  • Foreign Ministry Reform Act - Passed 5-0
  • Amendments Act - Debated on in the party
  • The Parliamentary Library Act - Failed by 1 vote 3-4
  • Individuals Involvement Act - Tied waiting for House of Lords 3-3
  • Repräsentantenhaus Act - Debated on in the party and changed to the Senate Act
  • Senate Act - Presented but not voted on