United Antarctica Colonies

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The United Antarctica Colonies was a Federal Monarchy. It was composed of a union of Antarctic islands.

K325,W.A. Mozart
Official language(s) English,Latin,Italian.
Capital Port Couvreux (Desolation Island)
Date founded 20 December 2009
Number of citizens 20
Number of active citizens 20
Government Federal Monarchy
Current leader Quirino I
National animal Adelie Penguin


Roosvelt Island

Snow Hill

Booth Island

Windmill Islands

Kerguelen Islands

Bear Island

Gibbs Island

Bridgeman Island

Coronation Island


Flavanis (Roosvelt Island,Snow Hill Island,Booth Island and Windmill Islands)

Kerguelen (Kerguelen Islands)

Orso (Orso Island,Gibbs Island,Bridgeman Island and Coronation Island)