Union of Strada

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Union of Strada









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"God's with us"
Capital cityMirlandia
Largest cityNew Delaware
Official language(s)Indonesian & English
- PresidentDaniel Punuh
- Vice PresdientAaron Penyami
Established22 May 2018
Time zoneUTC+7

The Union of Strada was a union of all the Stradan micronations.


The idea of a union was originally established to defeat Libernia (pre-civil war), but then the government of the USAS decided to transition into some other Micronational entity for two days. When the elections for the trial happened, the Union of Strada won the elections over the Kingdom of Pejaten, The People's Republic of Pejaten, Memeland, and the Republic of Pejaten. and so the Treaty of Mirlandia was signed. however, the treaty was never finished. The union never did anything as a sovereign state but it existed