Union of Socialist Micronations (USM)

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Union of Socialist Micronations


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Workers of the world, unite!!
International communist
- General SecretaryVice General Secretary
- Vice Secretary GeneralsGeneral Secretary
LegislatureAssembly of the Socialist Micronations
Established6 March 2013

Union of Socialist Micronations, commonly known as USM, is a socialist international organisation. It is governed as a Marxist-Leninist. The USM is a single-party union under a united front led by South Cubodia, New Russia and Bradlonia, the three leading micronations of this union.



The idea was is to establish a union full of Marxist-Leninist micronations to get together and work together,South Cubodia and New Russia (the two leading nations), are greatest allies with each other, and wanting to be more than allies. Luke Fawcett, the Dictator of South Cubodia, claimed a plan, is to creat a union full of Marxist-Leninist micronations, in order to get together and work together as a union, and place North Cubodia, New Russia and Bradlonia as "the three leading nations" of USM. In 6 March 2013, the establishment of the USM, started with three nations, South Cubodia, New Russia and Bradlonia. The assembly was built in the Walkershire county of South Cubodia in Pyondon (South Cubodia's capital), where the USM building is seated before the establishment, due to the building to be ready for the USM's establishment. In June 15, 2014, is the SRA (Socialist Republic of Arméniers), which joined the Union of Socialist Micronations. This nation will then be ready to revive the Union, modernizing and even proposing reforms (such as a board among all nations may be present every 3 or 6 months, but a parliament). And even offers to other socialist nations that have not yet joined the USM to do it. June 24, 2014, is El Commandante, with the support of Derskovia, which seizes the direction of USM, knowing that the former Secretary was no longer active.