Union of Antarctic Micronational Claims

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Union of Antarctic Micronational Claims
Official Logo
The Frozen Heartlands (Anthem of the UAMC)

Headquarters UMLC Hangouts Room

Official Language(s) English

Membership 2 Member State

President Charles Ross
Foundation February 13, 2019

Website Official Website

The Union of Antarctic Micronational Claims (or UAMC for short) is an intermicronational organisation dedicated to protecting and defining the international borders of micronations with antarctic territorial claims.

The main goal of the UAMC is to organize all Antarctic micronations and to protect their territorial claims. The UAMC also seeks to regulate all micronational claims within the continent of Antarctica. This is in an attempt to help avoid intermicronatonal conflicts over land claims within the continent. In addition, since the dissolution of the AMU, the UAMC claims all responsibilities and rights in regard to the governing of all recognized micronationalism in Antarctica.Kingdom of Isonad is one of signatories in Union

Antarctic Recognition

Claims of the UAMCWhile the UAMC recognizes the international claims of member states from certain antarctic organizations (such as the AMU), the UAMC regards the rest of the continent (including lands belonging to defunct micronations) as free game for any legitimate "new nation project" to claim, so long as their claim is considered small enough and is not believed to be an "outrageous" claim.

Recognition of Claim

Once a nation state is approved to join the UAMC, the nation receives a certificate of antarctic recognition and their land is reserved for that nation within the organization (however if the nation becomes defunct, it's certificate will be revoked and it's land will become open for new nations to acquire).


The UAMC was created in response to a lack of active antarctic micronational organizations, following the UAMC's self proclaimed "spiritual predecessor" the AMU going seemingly silent in mid 2016. Thus creating an apparent need for a new organization to enter and take it's place during this absence.


Observer States


Former Members


The current officers of the UAMC are:

NOTE: All position holders are serving in acting as formal elections have yet to be had.

  • President: Charles Ross
  • Vice President: Position Vacant
  • Head of External Affairs: Position Vacant
  • Minister of Social Medias: Position Vacant
  • Minister of Antarctic States: Position Vacant
  • Treasurer: Position Vacant

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