Ultamiya, The Greatest Land

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Ultamiya, The Greatest Land was the second national anthem of the Republic of Ultamiya and served as its anthem from May 11, 2010, to March 2, 2011. Its melody was the same as the National Anthem of Slovakia (Nad Tatrou sa Blyska) and its lyrics were composed on May 11, 2010, by President David. It replaced the old rendition of the song, that had a different melody and lyrics, though by May its lyrics had been lost.


The first rendition of Ultamiya, The Greatest Land began with these two lines:

"Ultamiya, the Greatest Land

The Mightiest that's ever been"

These lines were the only ones that remained intact of the first anthem and were adapted for use in the second rendition of the song. Because the President was part Slovak, he selected Slovakia's anthem for the new melody and wrote its lyrics soon thereafter.


Though the melody of Nad Tatrou and Ultamiya are the same, their lyric flows are much different. Both anthems have two stanzas of six lines each. In the first lines of each stanza, Nad Tatrou has twelve syllables; Ultamiya has eight. Thus, in Ultamiya, syllable one covers both 1 and 2; syllable 4 covers 4 and 5; syllable 5 covers 6 and 7; and syllable six covers 8 and 9.

(Nad Tat) rou sa (bly ska) (hro my) (di vo) bi ju (12)

(Ul) ta mi (ya) (the) (grea) test land (8)

In line seven, the situation is similar, except there are nine syllables, thus the last stretch does not exist as it does in line one.

Ultamiya, the Greatest Land

The Mightiest that's ever been

God protect the ground on which we stand

Our homeland Ultamiya

God protect the ground on which we stay

The land of Ultamiya

Ultamiya, land of the Divine

May prosperity reign across its turf

May it reign across us forever

So that we may live and thrive

May it reign across us for all time

Our land of Ultamiya

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