Twelvist Kapan of Arbores

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The Twelvist Kapan of Arbores, simply Arbores, is a micronation in the Great Lakes region of North America. Arbores was created by Xander Mintz as a hobby micronation. Arbores is a theocracy that, while has an official religion, is not enforced.

Arbores is made up of 6 columns. The Primadomus, The Campi, New Runway, Fort Trampo, Dentrovia, and Topothesia. Visible differences occur at the beginning and end of the main columns. For example, the outside seperates The Primadomus and Topothesia from The Campi. Topothesia is the nation's de jure capital while the president most commonly resides in The Primadomus. Arbores does not administer the Arbores Forest, which makes it the only territory of Arbores.

Twelvist Kapan of Arbores
Flag of Arbores
[[Flag of Arbores|Flag]]
Motto: Akaapa, Amore, Benivo
Map of Arbores,color coded by subdivision type
Largest cityThe Primadomus
• The Scholar
Xander Mintz
EstablishmentApril 9, 2023
• Foundation
9 April 2023
• First Major Activity
14 April 2023
• Kapanic Reformations
26 October 2023
• Census
Time zoneEastern Standard Time


Arbores' name comes from the latin word "trees", which symbolises the Arbores Forest.


Arbores was initially planned to be named "Huron" after the nearby lake, however the name was scrapped due to Arbores not actually bordering the lake.

During the Third John Painer Conflict, a micronation named “Huron” was created. It was short lived and proceeded to collapse after the war ended.


Subdivisions of Arbores
Columns Independent City Fort Capital District Uninhabited Land
The Campi The Primadomus Fort Trampo Topothesia Arbores Forest
New Runway

Arbores has 4 types of subdivision, 3 with only 1 subdivision, and 1 with 3 subdivisions. Most of the subdivisions are columns, with The Campi, New Runway, and Dentrovia being columns. The Primadomus, while not being the capital, is an independent city. Topothesia is the capital of the nation, therefore it is it's own type of subdivision. Fort Trampo is the only fort in the nation. Arbores Forest belongs to the Arboric government and thus isn't included in a subdivision type, alongside with the reason of being uninhabited.


The Dull Period

The Dull Period is used to refer to the first 5 days of Arbores, when it was near completely inactive. The only thing related to Arbores that happened during the Dull Period is Xander Mintz informing William Brown of the foundation of Arbores.

First John Painer Conflict

The First John Painer Conflict was a conflicted of which John Painer, a friend of Xander Mintz, attempted to take over Arbores. With the help of Mintz's cousin, Ava Madison, Painer was unable to take over. It lasted through the evening of April 14, 2023.

Second John Painer Conflict

The day after the First John Painer Conflict on April 15, 2023, John Painer came back over and ignited another conflict against Arbores. Like the first, Ava Madison fought for Mintz's army. Arbores won the conflict, leaving the nation dormant of conflicts until the Third John Painer Conflict, over a year later.

The October Reformations

The October Reformations is the name commonly used to describe Arbores changing large things about the nation. It took place on Saturday, 21 October, 2023. This included the formation of Dentrovia and The Runway as columns, updated the Arboric Emergency Warning System, and formed the subsidiary company Arboric Emergency Warning System Management, a subsidiary of the Arbores Weather Agency responsible for issuing weather alerts.

Third John Painer Conflict

The Third John Painer Conflict was a conflict that took place on April 19, 2024. The conflict was mainly located within Fort Trampo (disputedly called Huron during the conflict) and south of Topothesia and northern Iofos, (disputedly called the Second Roman Empire during the conflict), though some battles did take place on the field. The conflict was the first in over a year, lasting until sunset, when the 3-2-1 protocol came into effect, which mainly ended the conflict, as it helped subdue Painer when he tried to come back.

Meteorology and the Arboric Emergency Warning System

Main article: Arboric Emergency Warning System

4 days before Arbores was founded, a Tornado Watch was issued for all of what would become Arbores. Despite no damage occurring in Arbores' area, minor flooding did occur in The Campi. Since then, Arbores has risen concern over future outbreaks leading to the foundation of the Arboric Emergency Warning System, an alert system to notify citizens of Arbores when severe weather is forecasted.


Arbores is a benevolent dictatorship where the leader rules for their entire life, while still maintaining political and social freedoms. The current president is Xander Mintz, who can appoint a leader to rule if he ever resigns.


Most of Arbores is on the same elevation, however The Campi has a large hill named Iofos that is commonly used as a road when cars in Topothesia go down it. Topothesia is also on Iofos, but does not encompass all of Iofos.