Xander Mintz

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Their Majesty

Xander Mintz
PronunciationZander mɪnts
Born19 April
NationalityPaxari, Aliamen
Other namesKOP
Citizenship (inactive)
Known forBeing the Maktsperson of Paxaris, Founding member of MPA, President of Aliamens
HonoursHonour of the Golden Key
The Battleborn Carolina Update on the day of it’s founding, reading the manifesto

Xander Andia Mintz, also known as KOP or simply Xander, is a micronationalist who resides in Michigan. They are the founder, Monarch, Head of Government, and Commander-in-chief of the Second Kingdom of Paxaris, who have served the term since it’s creation on 4 September 2021. They are a notable micronationalist on Reddit, formerly being a part of the Micronational Peace Alliance. They are also notable for being a part of scandals in the community on the side of the MPA. He is also best friends with the President of Terredepaix, William Brown.

Early Life

Mintz was known by a lot of people before their micronational life as a tech wizard, who would go on Oracle VM Virtualbox setting up Virtual Machines like there was no tomorrow. Mintz strived to become a successful YouTuber in their early life, but discovering micronationalism would change their life forever.


Mintz learned how to tell time on an analog clock at the age of 3, and still loves them, and considers the time-telling objects symbolic to what shaped them as a person.

Geography Phase

In late 2021, Xander entered a geography phase and began to expand their knowledge of countries. This led to them discovering micronations.

Micronational Life

Xander has served as the Ruler of Paxaris since 4 September 2021. They are known for not resisting to state what he thinks about something, even if it is considered unpopular.


Xander knows that they is somewhat of an enigma, just a mysterious but friendly person, and he takes pride in that. He doesn’t usually get too aggrivated and keeps his cool for as long as he can.

Xander’s name

Xander’s name is a placeholder for their actual name, which they prefer to keep private. Mintz also gets referred to as KOP, and used to be called MM.

Name change

Mintz has thought about changing their real name to Xander Mintz after they discovered they were Nonbinary, however, since their name is gender-neutral already, they have decided not to.


Xander has been criticised throughout their micronational career as a bit of an ambitious person, taking American states into the Commonwealth. They have also been criticised for their Nullisian demonym.


Xander is the creator of the denonym “Nullisian”. They created it for people who refuse to identify with their macronation, but got heavily criticised for this.

Role in the Carolina Independence Movement

On January 28, 2023, Mintz founded Battleborn Carolina, an organisation focused on the unification and independence of the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Autistic Republic of Aliamens

Main Article: Autistic Republic of Aliamens

Xander's 2nd micronation is the Autistic Republic of Aliamens. Aliamens is a micronation and a protest against ableism, the discrimination of disabled people.