Alternative for Caudonia

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Alternative for Caudonia
Alternatíva pre Kaudonsko
PresidentGabriel Sebastian
Vice-PresidentAndrew Szemere
Party AdvisorMaximillian von Schroeder
Founded4 February 2020
19 October 2020 (re-formed)
DissolvedLate 2020
Split fromCaudonian Front
Moderate Populist Party (leading up to reformation)
IdeologyNational populism
Political positionRight wing
Official coloursBlack
Party flag
AFC flag.png

Alternative for Caudonia (Slovak: Alternatíva pre Kaudonsko; Scots: Alternative fur Caudonie) was a right-wing political party in Caudonia. The Party was founded on 4 February 2020 as the Triskelist Party of Caudonia after a split from the Caudonian Front, but changed its name on 19 February 2020. It was disbanded on 16 April 2020, but was re-formed on 19 October 2020 following a split from the Moderate Populist Party. It was then disbanded again in late 2020. The party was originally based on Triskelism, a unique ideology created by Gabriel Sebastian, but then adhered to national populist ideas.

Electoral results

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
March 2020 4 9.1%
2 / 19
1 in opposition